Our Brand Is You

OrthoScience is for you, the orthodontist. We build digital solutions that enhance your practice life and strengthen your clinical skills. We realize your orthodontic work often requires tools from many different brands and many different suppliers. We think they should all live happily in one spot. That’s why we will always be brand-neutral. Who needs more fragmentation? We trust you’ll find OrthoScience a unique place, where work and results take center stage. Because our users control our content, their results speak for themselves. Say goodbye to brand fragmentation and say hello to orthodontic unification — where good work rises. Simple as that.

Solutions for Everyone

We understand that orthodontists need solutions designed by orthodontists, not software engineers. Our features are developed with that in mind. Whether you’re a casual learner, or a global orthodontic educator, we’ve got you covered.

Brandy Solomon, DDS, MSD

She is a clinician breaking new ground in her community.  She needs features that will allow her to employ the latest techniques, appliances and equipment in her private practice.  We make searching for answers simple, even when the questions are complex.

John Graham, DDS, MD

He’s a worldwide lecturer and ground-breaking clinician. He’s on the forefront of everything tech. He needs features that will help him share his knowledge with the world. We make sharing easy, whether you’re sharing  one idea, or thousands.

Sunil Kapila, BDS, MS, PhD

He’s a clinician, academician, and program chairman. He needs features that will help him build a top-notch orthodontic program, primed to educate a new generation of residents raised on mobile devices. We make advanced education organized, and easily deployed.