We think caring is the most important part of delivering excellent orthodontic service.

Our Mission

Our mission at OrthoScience is to improve patient care and improve how doctors care for their patients. We think caring is the most important part of delivering excellent orthodontic service. We help doctors make better treatment care decisions. We help them access continuing education so they can learn new techniques that allow them to deliver up-to-date exceptional patient care. We give them tools that improve the way they care for their patients. OrthoScience provides groundbreaking solutions for a healthcare specialty that is primed for change.

Our signature platform Polaris gives doctors elegant yet simple solutions to help them care more. We know patients want personal attention, not automation. We help doctors reach their full potential by maximizing the advantages of a modern digitally-connected world. We help doctors do what they do best. We help them care. Caring is what drives their business, and their results.

The revolution is underway. We are thrilled to see our Polaris doctors already becoming better at what they do. Our visually-rich user experience guides doctors through thousands of treated cases, gives them convenient access to limitless continuing education opportunities, all while helping them better communicate with their team and their patients. 

From anywhere in the world, doctors are now able to stay on the cutting edge of their profession using the convenience of their mobile device. Our tools help them get better faster. In turn, millions of patients benefit. By creating a worldwide network of clinicians and their ideas, OrthoScience aims to revolutionize everything in orthodontics.

Why We Matter

Polaris Intelligence

OrthoScience is patient centered. We believe deeply in helping doctors make better treatment care decisions so patients around the world can benefit. The foundation of our technology is built on harnessing doctor intelligence to improve how patients receive treatment. When doctors connect, great things happen. We call it Collaborative Treatment Intelligence.

Our combined use of data and expert decision making allows us to organize information so that doctors can quickly improve how they deliver patient care. Whether doctors are reviewing their own internal care decisions, or tapping into the expert intelligence of our global network, we know patients will ultimately receive better care. Experience results in better clinical decisions. We make experience readily available.

Our proven technology is changing how doctors think. Polaris doctors are already experiencing how Collaborative Treatment Intelligence is changing their practice protocols. As our doctor network expands, we expect even bigger changes. Welcome to the future of orthodontic care.

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Polaris Care

Polaris Care is a revolutionary new way to improve practice-wide communication and patient-wide caring. Whether you’re communicating with your team internally, sharing referral documents with other doctors, or quickly keeping in touch with your patients, you are going to love having everything in one place. One log in. One network. Everything secure.

Polaris Care is built using our signature modular technology. Therefore, sharing information is easy. We give doctors powerful tools to communicate everything in their practice more efficiently. Do you want to easily organize and manage office-wide projects? Check. Need to text message a patient quickly from any device? Check. Are you looking to assign specific team members or specific doctors as first contact responders to incoming patient texts? We can do that too. You can even video chat instantly with any patient or family member using our secure video share, and it instantly gets stored in their communication history. Share documents and patient records quickly with your referral teams. Collaborate privately with doctors across the globe. The options are endless.

We’ve designed the patient side of Polaris Care to be extra simple. There’s no tricky software to install, no logins for them to remember, and no Apps to download. Our features make connecting with patients simple. As it should be. We want you to spend your time caring, not juggling multiple programs or running a software support team. We promise that you and your patients are going to love connecting.

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Polaris Education

OrthoScience has re-designed on-line learning from the ground up. And we have thought through everything from a doctor’s perspective. That includes the perspective of a both a student and a teacher. Looking to study detailed case work? We’ve got you covered. Want to participate in multiple-level courses? We do that too. Looking to host a course of your own and monetize it? Check. In fact, we make setting up your own course shop a breeze. Never before has on-line education worked so seamlessly for orthodontic students and teachers. Universities have already begun testing our technology. We think Polaris Education will change everything you know about orthodontic education.

Polaris Education also includes groundbreaking event hosting technology. Our virtual convention centers are like nothing you’ve experienced before. They will change everything you know about live and virtual orthodontic meetings. Our virtual event experience is truly elegant. Everything has been re-imagined from the perspective of all participants — attendees, hosts, vendors, and sponsors. A Polaris event must be experienced to be believed. Every detail has been thought through in meticulous detail. Exhibit halls, lecture halls, content display — everything has been re-imagined for the modern age. Never before have you participated in a virtual meeting that is this cool, this intuitive, and this powerful. We think your going to love it. Welcome to the future of orthodontic meetings.

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Our Values

We believe in trust. We plan to earn yours. Our growing team at OrthoScience has not been formed by chance. Each team member and Advisor has been carefully selected based on their core values and their desire to make the specialty better. We believe in trust and communication, first and foremost.

We believe that OrthoScience, at its heart, is a legacy project. Although the benefits are immediate for the current generations of orthodontists, OrthoScience is being built with future generations in mind. We are patient. Our company mindset is based on our desire to exist well into the next millennium. We are focused on significantly changing the course of orthodontics (and healthcare) for the better.

Our ultimate  goal is to positively affect the treatment outcomes of millions of patients by using data in smart ways. Our company decisions will always reflect this patient-centric vision. As we navigate the future peaks and valleys of this journey, we want you to know that we value your trust in the highest regard. We hope that you’ll join us!