We believe an orthodontist's work is what matters most.

Our Mission

Our mission at OrthoScience is to elevate the specialty of orthodontics. Our team is creating an environment where orthodontists can be part of a trusted on-line community — one that is rich in clinically-relevant information. It is a place where treatment data and clinical evidence become the star attractions.

We believe an orthodontist’s work is what matters most. By studying our work — the successes and the failures — we grow much faster. We learn to make better decisions. We learn more about what our appliances can achieve. OrthoScience’s visually-rich user experience will guide doctors through thousands of treated cases and allow them to learn, discover, and share new techniques and appliances like never before. From the comfort and convenience of their mobile device, doctors will be able to examine cases, share new ideas, and learn about new products from anywhere in the world.

We believe OrthoScience will help doctors become better at what they do. And we believe our tools will help them get better faster. In turn, millions of patients will benefit. By creating a worldwide network of clinicians and their validated treatment data, OrthoScience aims to revolutionize orthodontic education, sharing, and commerce.

We think there's a difference.

Why We Matter


An arrow shaped into a square

Technological advances over the last few decades have brought computer-assisted orthodontics to the forefront of our specialty. Digital orthodontics is now commonplace in nearly all orthodontic practices. Computer-assisted treatment using 3D data acquired from intra-oral scanners and CBCT imaging, has become the go-to option for many orthodontists. These advancements have resulted in wonderful improvements for many doctors, allowing them to become more efficient in delivering high-quality care. However, the arrival of computer-assisted treatment has also created opportunities for misunderstandings.

Computer-assisted treatment has led some to assume that meaningful doctor-patient relationships might be reduced (or even eliminated) now that computers control so much of the treatment. OrthoScience believes the opposite to be true — never before has the well-trained mind of an orthodontist been more important. Computers undoubtedly increase our clinical efficiency, but this newfound efficiency will be worthless without the well-honed clinical judgement of the treating doctor.

Doctors are what matter most in healthcare, and we plan to help make this obvious by using data in smart ways. At OrthoScience, we believe the 3D data being acquired across the globe can be used to improve patient care for everyone. Our goal is to combine 3D data alongside an orthodontist’s crucial treatment decisions, and ultimately give all of us a better understanding of what it is we do. OrthoScience believes differences between varying types of orthodontic treatment are measurable, and that using data in smart ways can help differentiate our specialty, where words alone often fail. We think this differentiation becomes even more important as direct-to-consumer tooth-straightening products become more commonplace.

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The microscope conveys lifelong learning for all clinicians

Orthodontic education is struggling. Quality education still exists, and many universities retain spectacular faculty, but they are becoming harder to access, as fewer and fewer orthodontists choose careers in academics. This means that many of the world’s future top orthodontic educators may exist in private practice, not in universities. We understand that some of this may be due to rising financial constraints for recent graduates, but we also believe that many practicing orthodontists still want to teach, they want to give back to their profession. If only it were easier. OrthoScience offers a solution.

At OrthoScience, we believe digital technology and improved data acquisition tools now make it possible for every clinician to become an educator. We believe digital inter-connectivity allows everyone to contribute more to orthodontic education. Why can’t top clinicians contribute simultaneously to every orthodontic residency program in the world? If we are able to instantly share educational content with millions of connected devices across the globe, then certainly we can create a digital classroom where learning happens on a global scale. OrthoScience solves this challenging problem by organizing content in smart ways. We plan to improve orthodontic education for the next generation by providing every orthodontic residency program with a digital global classroom.

For seasoned clinicians, learning should always be at our fingertips. With thriving practices and busy families, attending continuing education courses can sometimes be a struggle. We think clinicians at any stage should be able to learn more about the latest techniques and appliances from the convenience of their mobile devices. We also think users need trusted content. They need content that is HIPAA compliant. And they need content where theories and statements can be linked to actual evidence. Words alone are no longer enough. Savvy clinicians want proof. We plan to give it to them.

Learning should be easier. Science should be easier. OrthoScience plans to provide thousands of trusted learning opportunities for clinicians, everyday, all across the globe. We believe we’re creating a new way of educating. We think it applies to young residents who are just getting started, as well as to seasoned clinicians who’ve been in the trenches for decades.

Let’s learn faster. Let’s share our good ideas faster. Let’s help everyone grow, together.

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A laptop with gears flowing out conveying the social community of OrthoScience

Orthodontics is becoming more and more digital. Of course, patient contact will always be at our core, but orthodontists are using digital tools to diagnose and treat problems more than ever before. Education and information sharing is no different. Social media is now responsible for a large amount of informal orthodontic education. But like so many other areas of healthcare, it is fragmented.

OrthoScience offers a solution to fragmentation by consolidating your orthodontic world all in one place. Now that evidence, education, and sharing can all be experienced digitally, we are able to provide a HIPAA-compliant platform where searchable information can grow organically and exponentially. Everything in our database can be tagged and personalized.

Imagine one place where you can easily find everything you need about orthodontics, where you can quickly find an answer your burning orthodontic questions. It’s like having your own private orthodontic Google, built specifically for orthodontists. Plus, our data is presented in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate user interface that can be personalized to meet your needs.

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Orthodontists want to buy what works. Period.


An open box conveying e-commerce

The world of the orthodontic supplies market, which provides orthodontists with the tools to do their work, is surprisingly antiquated. With e-commerce quickly becoming the expected norm for most consumers, the orthodontic supplies market is far behind. Many supply companies still operate largely using “door-to-door salesmen” techniques, where customer sales reps introduce new products using cold-call office visits. These can be frustrating for both the sales reps and for the orthodontist. There has got to be a better way.

We think OrthoScience has developed a process to bring doctors and industry together organically. In the same way that an AAO meeting brings together the lectures of the ‘Scientific Sessions’ with the product displays of the ‘Exhibit Hall,’ OrthoScience plans to marry these two often-competing enterprises using rigorous science and intentional demarcation.

Historically, new products have been introduced with little initial evidence of their efficacy. However, once in the hands of industrious clinicians, products are often taken to new heights — sometimes beyond initial expectations. We like to call this “organic validation.” We think it is important. Orthodontists want to use what works. And they want to buy what works. Period. We allow them to do both.

OrthoScience plans to give our users access to every orthodontic product on the market. Imagine seeing a new product used by a clinician you trust. Once you’ve validated that a product is ready for use in your own office, with the click of a button, you can buy what you need. Or, if you prefer to learn more about that product in person, summon a sales rep to your office, on your time, on your agenda. Vetting new products has never been easier.

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Our Values

We believe in trust. We plan to earn yours. Our growing team at OrthoScience has not been formed by chance. Each team member and Advisor has been carefully selected based on their core values and their desire to make the specialty better. We believe in trust and communication, first and foremost.

We believe that OrthoScience, at its heart, is a legacy project. Although the benefits are immediate for the current generations of orthodontists, OrthoScience is being built with future generations in mind. We are patient. Our company mindset is based on our desire to exist well into the next millennium. We are focused on significantly changing the course of orthodontics (and healthcare) for the better.

Our ultimate  goal is to positively affect the treatment outcomes of millions of patients by using data in smart ways. Our company decisions will always reflect this patient-centric vision. As we navigate the future peaks and valleys of this journey, we want you to know that we value your trust in the highest regard. We hope that you’ll join us!